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Our Story

GloryBurger was born in the spring of 2021, the second half of our sophomore year of high school. We (Shea & Adam) were in a routine of cooking interesting dishes together. We prepared fried chicken sandwiches, lasagna, ramen, bagels, eggs benedict and many more foods from scratch.

Our interest in cuisine began to focus in on street food, and we started to dream of running our own little stand at the Richmond Famers Market. The dish we cooked most often in those early days was the burger, and we decided that would be our product. 


​By the end of that first summer, we couldn't keep up with the demand at the weekly Farmers Market. We decided we would expand into a real food truck. During our junior year, we built a mobile kitchen on top of a flatbed trailer, complete with running hot and cold water, a deep fryer and our flat top griddles. We also added our third partner, Ryan.

Since building our trailer and becoming a real mobile food vendor, our summers have been packed with food prep and events all over the state. We have built our reputation as one of the best burgers in Vermont. In 2022 we were a finalist in the Seven Daisies awards for Best Food Truck, Best Burger, and Best Fries in Vermont, as well as the subjects of multiple news stories (linked here, here and here).


GloryBurger in Photos

Meet Us

Shea Smith, Adam Weinstein, Ryan O'Neil

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